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Videographers used to be one in a million. With the advent of a camera on every phone, now they are a dime a dozen. As the technology gap narrows, it exposes the ugly truth that very few people behind the camera are competent storytellers.

You don't need just anyone with a camera, you need a great storyteller. 

At Skypark Films, we know you want the best in freelance videography and filmmaking.

We tell stories through film that engage the heart and make life a little more beautiful.

 Kenny knows how to shoot and capture audio artistically, efficiently, and professionally. He is that one-in-a-million who can weave all the elements of film together to create a compelling piece of visual art. He has the ability to draw out powerful narrative from within the heart of the subject that will tell the story that the world needs to hear. We all have a story to tell, but few of us have the ability to tell it. Kenny not only has the tools, but the personal skills and talent to bring that story to life.

-Ryan McCullough

Wales, UK

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